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"Hi Wendy,
Greetings from the mania of main unit! It was such a pleasure to come to Palo Alto, and a pleasure working with you! You did a fantastic job, and I hope we get the opportunity to work together again..."

S Schain, HSM3

  “I've used APC Talent almost exclusively for more than 20 years simply  because I know when we need on-camera, voiceover or models, Wendy Yee  comes through with Professionals. My clients and I don't have time to waste weeding out untalented or inexperienced actors and Wendy knows what we want. If I ask for a mid 20's male executive type that's who she sends. I don't have to worry that I'll be choosing from a middle aged dowager in a grey wig who does community theater once a year and a 13 year old tap dancer from "Mrs.Finkle's School of Dance".   Wendy is an experienced professional with a great stable of talent who
really knows "The Business".

Allan Waterous, KICU 36



“It’s been a delight, a pleasure, and often times a downright hoot to work with Wendy on numerous projects over the past several years.  And why do I call on Wendy and APC Talent?  In a word the answer is “trust.”  Whether I’m looking for a day player or an on-camera narrator, Wendy has an excellent knowledge of her talent’s strengths and—probably even more important—their limitations.  As a result, when Wendy sends talent for me to audition, I can be sure that all of them are very capable of handling the part.  My job is then easy...I simply have to pick the best from a selection of “very goods.”

Dan Woodard
White Light Productions

  "You make my life easier as a producer, in that you can quickly identify the folks that you represent that would fit the bill for the parts that we are casting for. There is very little time wasted in the process, and time is money.  That's it!"

Dave Keller, KellerMedia (408) 378-4876



"I have been producing and directing in and around the bay area for the last twenty years.  It used to be that I had no choice but to go to San Francisco for my on-camera or voice over needs.  It's very convenient to have APC close by.  Because Wendy has her pulse on the new talent around the bay, and especially the Silicon Valley, where I do 90% of my work, she always shows me and will send new faces that might fit my needs.  Even though I certainly have my favorites, I like to see new talent often.  Wendy's really good...I use her all the time."

Peter L. Homer,
Director of Creative Services, TVA 

“I call  APC Talent because I get good service. Wendy Yee is  easy to work with great talent base. I trust her judgement because she knows the talent. She responds quickly to my needs She can handle quick turnarounds"

Nick Lituanio / East West Communications

"I need access to good talent that won't break my budget and Wendy's pool of actors is exactly what I need”

Jana Mercik, Media image Group

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